How to set your skin!

How to set up your skin in 10 steps!

1. Download one of our Popfizz Skins

2. Once that's downloaded make sure to download smart keyboard here

3. Now that you have both things downloaded, you can head to step 4.

4. First thing we have to do is set the smart keyboard as our main keyboard to do this follow the steps bellow,

- Go to Settings

- Go to Language & Keyboard settings

- Click the check next to Smart Keyboard

- Now go to your messaging app

- Go into one of your text messages, you will see the text box that is either blank or says "tap to compose

- Press and hold down on it with your finger until you "Input Method

- Tap on it and select Smart keyboard

- Congrats you have set Smart keyboard as your main keyboard, we are nearly done.

5. Now that steps 2 - 4 is over you will never have to do that again, the following steps are used everytime you want to set a new skin

6. Go back to messaging app, bring up the keyboard

7. Then press and hold on the "?123" button until a menu pops up

8. From here you go to General Settings

9. Skins

10. And select your new awesome skin!

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