Q: My skin wont download or is taking forever to download after purchase?

A: Go into settings, application settings, manage ,all, scroll down and find Market then select clear data.

A2: If that does not work, go to checkout.google.com find your download and select cancel, once that is done, go back to the market and redownload the app, you will NOT be charged twice.

Q: Do I have to buy another keyboard to use these skins?

A: No, you can search Smart keyboard Trial, it's Free.  Click here to download it https://market.android.com/details?id=net.cdeguet.smartkeyboardtrial

Q: How do I set these skins?

A: Once you have downloaded Smart Keyboard, Better Keyboard or Perfect Keyboard. Go to your settings, then your keyboard settings, check off the keyboard you downloaded, once that is done go into your new keyboards settings and select our skin. After that you must set your new keyboard, so go to your messaging app, long press on "tap to compose" and select "input method" then select your keyboard.